Confidence or delusion?

Being an entrepreneur and/or founder requires confidence. You must believe in yourself. You must believe in your ability to get shit done. And, you must believe in your idea. If you don’t believe, then who will?

When this confidence hits reality, nasty things happen. 100% of startups begin with confident founders. You wouldn’t quit your job unless you had confidence in yourself. And, you wouldn’t get started in an idea unless you believed you could make it work.

Yet, the majority of startups fail.

What is the deal here? Is it false confidence? Or is it just delusion?

I can’t say I have an answer here. I merely write about it because I have noticed it within myself, and within the ecosystem, and would like to throw it out there.

How do we deal with confidence and our own psyches when startups have such high failure rates? How do we maintain the confidence? And more importantly, how do we determine when our confidence is actually delusion?

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