The 140-day tweet challenge

With the 100-day blogging challenge is now over, it seems like a good time to focus on building a new habit.

This last weekend, a friend and I were talking about how Twitter has been awesome for us. We use it to discover content, keep our finger on the pulse of the startup world, and connect with interesting people out there in the Twitter-sphere. However, we both mainly consume content. We don’t create much new content, and both expressed a desire to do so. And right then during the conversation, it clicked: why not do a tweet challenge?

So with that, I’d like to announce my new challenge: the 140-day tweet challenge.

The rules are simple:

  1. I will post to Twitter at least once day.
  2. The tweet must be text from me to the world. This means it isn’t a link share, an image share, a quote, or a tweet at someone else.
  3. I’ll number each day in the first tweet of the day which satisfies rule #2.

The only real restriction is rule #2. It may be restricting, but I think it is important. I already make a habit of retweeting links and quotes that I like. However, retweeting means that I am simply re-broadcasting other thoughts on the web. Rule #2 ensures that I am sharing my own personal thoughts on Twitter also.

Blogging has been great, but not all thoughts warrant a blog post. If I can blog on a daily basis, surely I can micro-blog on a daily basis also, right?

So now it is on!

You can follow my tweets (as well as tweet at me) on Twitter @alexshye 🙂

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