Internal and external mirrors

Credit:  Quasimondo (Flickr)

Credit: Quasimondo (Flickr)

What do you see when you look at yourself internally?

You see your self as you are. You see your self changing. You see your self as your actions. And, you see the self that you would like to be.

All of these these dimensions, many of which contradict each other, and many of which are fluid in nature, make up the self you see within your internal mirror.

What do others see when they look at you?

You would like them to see you as your are. But that is complicated.

Our brains naturally categorize the external world, simplifying concepts and placing them into nice little boxes within our minds. You are either smart or not. A hard worker or a slacker. Responsible or flakey. Shy or outgoing. Childish or mature.

Others will categorize us, and their words and actions act as an external mirror.

The external mirrors do not reflect who we are. At best, they reflect an accurate slice of our personality. At worst, they are disastrously incorrect.

And herein lies the danger.

The external mirrors become the world you see, and the world you interact with. If you are unaware, you will look at them, believe the reflection to be true, and become the image that you see.

Be aware. You become what you see.

Are you focusing on your internal or external mirrors?

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