Hi, I’m Alex.

I love NYC, coffee, burgers, and cupcakes.


I also love to create products. My interests lies at the intersection of product management, design, and engineering. I’m interested in anything and everything that it takes for a team to discover, design, build, and ship great products. In the past four years, I’ve held various product-related roles at startups ranging from consumer to enterprise.

Currently, I’m at Clinc building a super cool AI platform that will power the next generation of conversational experiences in mobile apps, messengers, customer support centers, automobiles, and more. Join us! We’re hiring.

I write on products, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. If you’re new here, these a few of the more popular posts:

In my spare time, I hack on Venture News, a site that surfaces trending links in the tech community.

You can also find me on Twitter @alexshye.

Thanks for reading!