Hi, I’m Alex.


I love NYC, coffee, burgers, and cupcakes.

I also love everything about startups and building digital products in small, nimble, startup environments. In the past seven years, I’ve led product development for consumer apps used by by millions of people a month, as well as an enterprise product sold for more than $1M per year.

Currently, I’m at Clinc building a super cool AI platform that will power the next generation of conversational experiences; think mobile apps, messengers, customer support centers, voice UI in automobiles, and more.

Join us! We’re growing quickly and actively hiring.

Occasionally, I blog about products, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. If you’re new here, these are a few of my more popular posts:

In my spare time, I sharpen the saw with a few fun side projects:

  • Minute, a personal online journal made just for you ❤️
  • Venture News, this week’s trending links in the tech startup community

You can also find me on Twitter @alexshye.

Thanks for reading!